.·:*¨dukeSHEdevil¨*:·. (dukeshedevil) wrote in athenaeumfans,

... no one feels like we do ...

lindsey told me about this new community for athenaeum worship, and i couldn't stay away. just like the night we drove four hours, just so an underage me could join them at the blind tiger. that was when i heard my all time favorite song, no one, for the first time live. and i melted ...

last summer, i was making a cd to remind me of high school, and my best boyfriend said, "you'd better put some athenaeum on there!" radiance was the soundtrack to my life, in the feelings the music holds, and because it was constantly playing in the background. my car only had a tape player, and the only cassette i had was radiance, of course. we've drifted apart in the five years since i first heard them, but i've seen the band three times since then, and that was just in the last year!

fear not, i'll be posting a lot more here in the near future! props to zooromancer for this fan-home
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