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Goodnight, Step into the Spotlight

L to R:  Alex McKinney, Grey Brewster, Mark Kano, and Nic Brown

I don't know what to think about it
It's just something that's been on my mind
If the mood ain't right, you might say goodnight
Leave me here in this shallow bedroom
- "On My Mind"

It's only a matter of time
You're gonna find your peace of mind
- "Away"

Mark Kano and Mike Garrigan

Cause you leave me higher
Than I could ever say
- "Unnoticed"

And the music played softly
As you whispered a word
I had to sigh and catch my breath
From what I had heard
- "No One"

And if you ever feel uptight
I'll make you wholesome and I'll make you right
- "Comfort"

L to R:  Alex McKinney, Mark Kano, Nic Brown, and Mike Garrigan

Hold on tight cause I don't wanna say goodbye
anymore than you do
- "Waiting For You"

And I'll need you to remind me
And I'll need one more day
Without you somewhere out there
I could not find my way
- "Walk Away"

Yesterday's a memory for you and me
How would it feel to be young again?
- "Young Again"

L to R:  Mark Kano, me, Jeremy Vogt, Mike Garrigan, and Alex McKinney

And if these things pass
I would break the hourglass
Just to make the moment last for you
And if I had one wish
I would take us both from this
To a place where only you and I exist
- "Hourglass"

It's just a sad song saying goodbye.
Sad enough to make you cry.
But even sad songs say it's alright.
It's alright.
- "Sad Songs (Say It's Alright)"

L to R:  Mark Kano, Alex McKinney, Nic Brown, and Mike Garrigan

But I miss your face as you can tell
I hope my absence makes you well
- "What I Didn't Know"

1990 - 2004

***Sorry to crosspost like this from my personal journal... I couldn't think of a more fitting way than this...***
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