salome (zooromancer) wrote in athenaeumfans,

oh, the awful first post

this is going to look terribly lonely up here by itself, but i swear the community is less than an hour old. i set this baby up because i miss the old community. what the heck happened to it?! not that it was terribly active, but at least it was there (we all know we wear our communities like identification badges). anyhow, having seen athenaeum recently (it simply doesn't happen often enough) i'm back on my rampage against the injustice of not living close enough to the triad and i want company. so join my infant community and feed me news about the boys. better yet, feed me pictures!
i guess this is an intro post about me personally, as well, so: hi, i'm lindsey, i'm 22, i got into athenaeum when the lovely dukeshedevil said "hey, this band went to my highschool, so LISTEN to them." that was followed by going to v-jam in 1998(?) and thinking, "hey...this sounds familiar." thus it was born and i've attempted smack-dab-in-front-of-mark's-mic at every opportunity since then (which is sadly only five times) the most recent of which was in columbia, sc. i just got my first boot three days ago from jason k and i'm estatic. i wish there was a bigger trading scene since all of our persuasion and flat out begging has yet to produce an official live cd. woe to stupid production costs. what else? ah yes, my fav album song is "spotlight" and my fav live song is "sweeter love." what's yours?
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