salome (zooromancer) wrote in athenaeumfans,

homemade sticker anyone?

i won't go into how freaked out i am to be blindsided by the recent news (i obviously haven't been paying enough attention to message boards - zeke's tribute was like lightning this morning), but i will say that i'm coming to terms with the fact that i'm never going to get an official sticker now. so i'm going to the store tonight, buying vinyl bumpersticker paper, and making my own. it'll be on the small side, 1ish" by 7ish", and to keep from wasting paper i'm probably going to tile seven or eight of them on the page. so, does anyone want one of the extras? it'll look something like

all i'd ask for is a self-addressed stamped envelope for me to put it in.
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I'm up for it... e-mail me an address to send it to...
ill take one!
email me your address for the envelope.
you know when i thought about the news, it kinda hit me like ... well, i've since lost the email, but hopefully you'll remember ... it was the first coffeehouse since you guys graduated and left, and it was warm in the ass.hall, and they had this yellow lights strung up like the radiance liner notes, and i just cried to think how much i missed you, how much our past meant, but mostly, happy that it happened ... i feel kinda like that now.

i mean really ... who else would i race around the state for a fake id for? ^_~
I would love to have one to still put proudly on my car...

if you are willing, my e-mail is