Jon Wells (weekapaugphan) wrote in athenaeumfans,
Jon Wells

the party can start now... the party has arrived

hello all... this is Jon Wells to those that don't know me... and those that do, know that second in my heart, right behind my Vermont boys, is some Athefrickinaeum.
Specifically, I'm all about some "No One" and, of course, "If You Want Me To." Favorite album, gotta be "Radiance." Live song? Simple: "Crawling Back To You." And Mike G. Yeah, Mike's the Man. And so is Mark, and Remy and Mike #2, but MG started it all. And yes, I ramble.
But anyways, my apartment is pretty much "homebase" for every Athenaeum show in Charlotte, so if you're ever in the mood to meet fellow Ath fans, either post on the boards or IM me (weekapaugphan, of course) and I'll set the gears in motion. Fun times always ensue when tons of people with awesome musical taste gather...
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