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"...cry, cry cry cry, I'm gonna cry myself blind..." - Primal Scream

Having pulled out and played through Radiance recently, I had to ponder what I've been missing since.

A- I've been signed onto the email list for ages...yet I get none.

B- I NEVER saw nor heard the post-Radiance album, and I worked for a large music chain at the time it came out.

C- I like Nic's bio rendition, I do, but I REALLY want a more laid-out factual synopsis as well, especially something catching up to now-ish.

D- I recall an offering for a re-issue of the Green album some time back (probably the last time I had word from you guys and such), but was unable to do anything about it at the time, how long ago WAS that?

E- dammit...I have to move down to North Carolina, don't I? (fair enough, I know a girl who goes to UNCG anyway).

F- I could name scores of bands with more recognition and less talent than you guys, and I know you can too. Please, tell me I don't have to suffer forever.

G- half of this would have been posted on the message board, but it doesn't work.


Jon Ettinger
Linden, MI
that's what I JUST mailed to mail@athenaeum.net. It bounced back telling me markkano@earthlink.net couldn't be reached.

I've lost and found this band SO often...it's sickening.
First was seeing them live w/ Semisonic in 1998. Bought their t-shirt and they all signed it (except one, Grey, who was first to leave after that).
sadly picked up the CD at a store after, if I recall correctly, and not at the show. I remember talking briefly with each of the other three...starting to picture it in my head, something I've not thought about in YEARS.

and then it all dropped.

much time passed and I found my way to athenaeum.net 'round near the time of the re-release of the green album...which I wasn't able to get at the time and still don't have.

and that's it. I still get out and play Radiance from time to time (it kills me just how brilliant it really is)
was going over it to copy files to send to a girl, though it turns out she already knows and loves them (she's from NC and goes to UNCG).

anyway...can someone start to fill in the blanks? what's left of the official site doesn't give much to go from.

thanks very much.
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